Successful marketing has always depended upon knowing WHAT to sell and WHEN to sell. But it is just as important to know WHO to sell and WHERE to sell. We all know merchants that badly used Groupon & other social media platforms to drive traffic with unbelievable offers only to find that their new customers had driven over 30 minutes and were unlikely to drive that far again.

Take a look at the map image below. The prospects in Green both meet the merchant’s profile and live within 10 minutes’ drive-time of the merchant store. The ones in Red live outside the prime trade area and don’t meet the profile. Chances are that most merchants today are sending their message to some of the Greens as well as a lot more Reds. With today’s data driven marketing tools, there is no need to keep wasting precious ad dollars that way…

Targeting Local Prospects

Looking for prospects in a 10 minute drive time