Targeted Local Marketing Solution

Providing Prospect Leads for Multiple Location Franchises, Retailers, Financial Advisors and Manufacturers


Cost Effective Marketing Means Finding the Right Customers



  • What is your natural trade area?
  • Where do you look to grow?
  • How do you avoid wasting ad $?
  • Which of your locations SHOULD perform best?


  • Have you clearly identified your natural retail footprint?
  • What is the real opportunity in your footprint?
  • Are you reaching too many prospects outside your footprint?
  • Did you miss opportunities to backfill inside your footprint?


  • Can you adequately support your smaller dealers?
  • How do they even the playing field against mega brands?
  • Are there ways to get their on-line marketing support on par?
  • Will dealers share customer data with trusted 3rd parties?

Find new prospects

Support your Franchisees and Dealers


WHERE: Pinpoint your current customers

WHO: Identify new prospects

HOW: Cost-effective targeting

WHAT: Email and online ads

Market Vue Local takes the power of national shopping and consumer data to tell you about your current customers, find others that match their customer profile and reach out to them via email and online advertising.

Finding Financial Prospects

30 years of financial experience pays off



Years ago, retail bank executives were successful in driving customers out of branches and into using less expensive channels such as ATM machines and on-line banking. There was only one problem – a major one – as they lost the opportunity to engage customers and add new services with every new visit. Today, those same institutions look for ways to bring retail customers back to the branch. Brokerage firms and insurers also looked for ways to streamline customer service costs not realizing their cuts to sales staffs often dramatically reduced their pipeline of less affluent new clients who will eventually replace their current core business.

New customer acquisition in financial services is far more difficult today as traditional selling methods no longer make sense or are no longer allowed (e.g., cold calling prospects on the ‘Do Not Call’ list). That makes the need to understand the full potential of every branch or agency location even greater. Our Financial Vues quickly shows the profile of each location and identifies just how many qualified prospects can be targeted by on-line media as well as more traditional means.

Targeting the Right Prospects for Retail & Franchises

Email and Online Reach Prospects Cost Effectively



Market Vue Partners has a long history of partnering with our clients to provide more powerful consumer insights and better targeted solutions that lead to increased sales and actionable market knowledge. SpendR, our proprietary consumer analysis, simplifies complicated data to identify real indicators of retail opportunity – consumer spending patterns and activity. Market Vue’s long history in the shopping center, franchise and retail sector have enabled insights including;

  • Defining custom individual trade areas for a multi-location franchise group with locations within 3 miles of each other.
  • Creating marketing knowledge platforms that enabled franchisees with limited marketing experience to understand and act on their local marketing opportunities.
  • Developing a highly targeted profile and email execution program for a high-end open air center.
  • Demonstrating why a new high-end mall was incorrectly tenanted based on deeper market analysis

When you need backup – for deeper consumer analytics, targeted marketing or local market definition – Market Vue is there for you.

Manufacturing: Supporting Dealers

Drive effective use of Co-op $


Challenge: The growth & dominance of mega brands at the retail and distributor level has made the need to support smaller distribution outlets even greater today. Our Market Vue Local platform is designed to even the playing field:

  • Customer profiles
  • Custom trade areas that use your distributor’s customer data
  • Maps, accessed on-line, for drilling down and across each local trade area
  • “Look-alike” models that identify prospects most like your distributor’s best customers
  • Counts & locations of best prospects – e mail, on-line, mail
  • Powerful yet intuitive dashboard for displaying data insights and maps
  • Local on-line – email & follow-up display banner campaigns – every month
  • Designed to be coop advertising ready
  • Custom logo treatments available