Janet M. Kennedy, Director Market Development

Data, data, data. We are drowning in data. Every aspect of our lives it seems, both online and in our everyday worlds can be tracked, monitored and measured. As consumers we expect and understand that to a certain degree but we are also concerned about our privacy and the impact our “digital footprint” leaves behind. As business owners we have such a volume of information about our consumers that we “cannot see the forest for the trees”.

Somewhere in between lies the opportunity – for both the individual consumer and business owner. As a data company, it is Market Vue Partners’ role to sift through all that consumer information and help businesses find those customers that are most likely to want their product or service. Utilizing data analysis, segmenting customers, matching prospect profiles and more presents a smaller universe of potential customers to reach. The result is saving the company money and valuable resources. For the consumer, greater knowledge of shopping and lifestyle behaviors means less wasted time looking at advertisements that have no relevance to their needs and showing them new products and services that are more likely to match their wants.

Taking multiple databases and making them tell a real and simple story to aid in more targeted marketing and more satisfied customers; that’s what Market Vue Partners is dedicated to; Making the complex simple.