Jan Davis, Adviser, Market Vue Partners

Every year the fashion magazines proclaim that "X" is the new black. For 2011, the mavens proclaim the color "frost" is the new black. Cheetah is the new black. Gray hair is the new black.

Now marketers of all types are discovering local marketing, and it’s the hot new style. From the deal-a-day discount sites like Groupon and Living Social to check-in sites like Foursquare and Facebook Places, businesses are trying to engage their customers locally. So now LOCAL is the new black!

Market Vue Partners has a long history of helping organizations with hundreds or even thousands of distribution points understand their local markets. Retailers. Franchisors. Banks. Insurance agents. Stock brokers. All face the same need to evaluate potential and performance by local market. All face the same need to understand trade areas, demographic and behavioral differences. All would love to understand market share and wallet share by location and market.

With that information, you can make much better decisions on where to focus your marketing dollars. Without it, you’re operating in the dark – and maybe not even in the black!