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How often do you see your customers?

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365 days of consumer activity =

A complete profile

Consumer analytics and healthcare

Supporting the need for deeper data understanding


For decades, healthcare providers have looked upon those who use their services as patients – not as consumers. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, we are in a new world where consumers have more choices and providers are charged with delivering better outcomes. The need to understand consumer behaviors and predict how they will respond to new treatment and pricing options is paramount. Yet few players in the industry are adequately prepared for this fundamental change in their way of doing business. Our Health Vues quickly show health systems how to succeed in a consumer driven marketplace — all the while recognizing and respecting the ongoing need for consumer health privacy at all times.

Deep dive into analytics for your clients

Creating white labeled data visualization and analysis to grow or retain clients


Your clients have access to lots of data – likely more than they know how to use effectively. Frequently, the right data is siloed within the organization, leaving marketing information fractured or incomplete.

The result: marketing that’s more expensive, difficult to manage and less targeted than you or your clients would like.

Analytics is the key to unlocking the hidden value of your client’s data – giving you the consumer insights you need to develop actionable, successful marketing that is targeted, measurable and ultimately, successful for your clients.

Our Health Vues quickly show agency clients how to use their data effectively and ultimately creates a deeper and more valuable relationship with their agency partners.

Growing Membership - Serving Members

Benefiting Health Association Members with Market Data

Health Associations


Where previously many physician practices were deemed too small to justify any marketing effort, today’s digital strategies and completely flipped the old ways of going to market.

As a healthcare association, you can serve your members through better market information and digital outreach. A Health Vue dashboard can illustrate the demographic variances in local markets assisting your Development, Advocacy and Member Support efforts.

Empower your programs with Health Vue’s analytical ecosystem

Drive more powerful results

Secure Data Environment

Our technology ecosystem and work environment meets or exceeds requirements for HITECH and HIPAA-compliance to ensure patient identifiable information (PII) and personal health information (PHI)  and consumer data is protected.

Domain Experts

Our team has provided in-depth consumer marketing and healthcare analytics expertise for dozens of the nation’s leading businesses; this depth of experience gives us the ability to take a substantive consultative analytics approach to solving your problems.

Data Partners

Most of our clients form a community by supplying de-identified data in exchange for benefiting from large and credible sample sizes. Plus, we have multiple public and private sector data suppliers that provide us with detailed consumer and health data.

Tool Sets

Our differentiation is our analysts and the analytic products we create, not necessarily the tools we use; but our analysts are masters of data visualization whether we’re analyzing big data or small data, or structured data or unstructured data.