How good is your location?

Do you know? How do you find out? Your commercial real estate agent probably provided you a slew of statistics about all the wonderful people that live within 5 to 10 miles of your location. But is that the right way to judge it? To really understand the potential of...

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The Good News/Bad News About Your Location

Whenever we provide our clients an analysis and visual display of their location(s), we always start with “here’s the good news & the bad news.” In most cases, great locations command high rent prices while bad ones are the opposite. The good news about a great...

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Sell HERE not THERE!

Successful marketing has always depended upon knowing WHAT to sell and WHEN to sell. But it is just as important to know WHO to sell and WHERE to sell. We all know merchants that badly used Groupon & other social media platforms to drive traffic with unbelievable...

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